Use your own domain name with your free Xeted moodle site

Good news. You can now use your own domain name with your free moodle site at Xeted Cloud. Using your own domain name with your moodle site allows you to grow your site brand and have more professional appeal.

To add your own domain to your moodle site follow these steps:

a) If you haven’t done so, create your free moodle site in
b) Login to your Xeted Cloud Dashboard, click on your site menu, and click “Add Domain”
c) Type your domain name in the input field and click “Add Domain”
b) In your dns server, add an “A” record, to point your domain name to the following IP address: (Be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for your DNS server to propagate this change for your domain name.)

You can now test in your browser typing your domain name and it should take you to your moodle site on Xeted Cloud.

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  1. Sir
    I want to know that If I run 2 courses from the same moodle site would I be able to add 100 students for each course.

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