Initial Setup of your Moodle Site makes it easy for you to create a Moodle site fast, easy and free. When you create a new Moodle site, you should perform some basic setup to improve the initial experience for your students. Simple tasks such as adding the site name, a short name, and selecting what should appear on the front page will make your site more attractive. In this post, I will show you how to perform the initial setup for your new Moodle Site and how to add default settings for new users.

Add the site’s Full Name, short name, and front-page contents

Once the site is up and running, the first thing you should do before creating courses is to set your Moodle site’s name. You can do this task by clicking on the main menu -> “Site Administration” then scroll down a little bit and then click on “Front page settings“. On the Frontpage settings page (see image below), you can type in the “Full site name” and short name for the site (a single word). You may also add a front page summary that appears on the initial page of your site.

Add the site fullname and shortname

Select Frontpage Content

On the frantpage settings also, you can select what things appear on the initial page of the site. In the dropdown menu (see image below), you can select one or more of the following options: announcements, list of courses, list of categories, combo list, search box, or none. You can select the frontpage items when users are logged in, including enrolled courses.

Select the items to display of the frontpage

Add the default timezone

You can add a default timezone in case most of your users are located in the same country or region. To set the default timezone, in the main menu click on “Site Administration -> Location settings“. On this page (see image below), you can test the default timezone, force timezone, and the default country for all users.

Add Default Language

You can specify the default site language for your Xeted moodle site in “Site Administration” -> “Language Settings“. On this page (see image below), you case select various language options, such as language autodetect, default language, and display language menu.

Set your site default language

You may add additional languages to your site in “Site Administration” -> Language Packs.

Initial configuration of a moodle site can improve the look and attractiveness of your site and help your users to start their learning journey without any inconvenience. Upon creating a new moodle Xeted site, you should take a few minutes to add the full name, short name, language, and location settings for your site.

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