Clone your Moodle site with one click

Sometimes you need to have a copy of your moodle LMS site to achieve certain tasks such as testing a new plugin before installing it or test the upgrade process before upgrading a production site to a newer moodle version. Another use case for using a copy of your main Moodle site would be for training teachers and tutors, in which an additional instance similar to the production site is used for this purpose. You may also want to have a template of the site with course contents that need to be copied from scratch before the beginning of a semester or a school year.

No matter the reason for having an exact copy of your main Moodle site, I’ll show you here how to clone your Moodle site in Xeted Cloud with just one click.

First login to your Xeted Cloud Dashboard and right-click on the menu options (…) of your moodle site. Select the option clock site and type the name of the new site to be created. That’s it, in 30 seconds or so, you will have an exact clone of your moodle site. The pictures below depicts how to do these steps in your Xeted Cloud dashboard.

Click on the site menu options (…) and select the “clone site option” to clone your site
Type a name for a new site

Having an instant site copy of your Moodle site is a handy utility that can help you manage better your Moodle LMS site.

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